Rug Prevention

We are one of cryptos most significant culture coins on Solana. The alpha is here; we help Solana gamblers from bad actors on the block(chain). We are the first meme with a based team capable of building useful tools.


  1. Ticker:// $FRAUD
    1. Token Supply 1,000,000,000
    2. Freeze Authority Revoked
    3. Mint Authority Revoked
    4. LP Burnt
    5. 0% Purchase Tax


It’s the dawn of a new era. $FRAUD is the first meme coin designed to incentivize user participation, and drive the growth and development of the solana ecosystem. You will not jeet this, we promise.


  • 50% of the supply will be used for marketing efforts
  • 20% of the supply will be allocated for holder rewards (alpha)
  • 10% of the supply is reserved for CEX launches
  • 10% of the supply is reserved for Liquidity Pool
  • 10% of the supply will be held in Treasury

$FRAUD Token Address



We're not fck'in around. Fraud is partnered with major networks including but not limited to the following centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

A portion of the supply will be used to secure additional partnerships to ensure long-term growth and stability of $FRAUD.

Fraud - Exchange Partnerships

00X / 00Y

Development Runway

We are first and foremost a Solana memecoin. However the development runway for Fraud involves a strategic roadmap.

This roadmap includes several key initiatives aimed at enhancing both the entertainment value and functional utility of our community.

We plan to optimize marketing effors, tool integration and strategic partnerships to expand our meme coin offerings, and integrate advanced security measures to ensure community trust and enjoyment.

Our mission is to position Fraud not just as a top-tier meme coin, but as a pioneer in combining fun with real-world blockchain applications.

Phase 1

  • Website Launch
  • Initial Launch of Fraud ($FRAUD)
  • Kickstart Marketing Efforts
  • Community Building

Phase 2

  • Intense Marketing Increase
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • CEX Listings

Phase 3

  • Expand CEX Listings
  • Launch Fraud Protocol (alpha)
  • Scalability with normies

Phase 4

  • Decentralize Governance and Enhance Token Utility: Give the community more power and improve tokenomics.
  • Ramp Up Marketing and Outreach Campaigns: Reach a broader audience.
  • Continuous Development and Feedback Loop: Keep improving based on user feedback.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Join forces with other players in the crypto space.